Our services


Early education and interactive learning for young children.


Current collection of books, DVDs, and CDs, with digital technology focus, in both 
Amharic and English languages.


Space for student study area and flexible workstations for students and business people to 
collaborate on projects and research. 
Immediately upon the official opening, on average, about 150 people come to the library every day.

Unfortunately, the small compound and rental house could not accommodate all the interested patrons. Approximately 351 people had signed up for membership, as of January 2015. However, other students, particularly elementary students, don’t have ID cards and so while they weren’t registered and counted in the number of applicants, they were using the library as well. 
Even without any signage, space was already an issue. “In the evenings, most of the time, many students come and it was overcrowded,” said one student patron. “Other times—sometimes— there were windy days in the evening and students get cold. For that, it’s good if there would be a large reading room—big reading room. If we would have a big reading room it would also increase the number of students coming over.

In 2015, a local business owner and his family took the challenge to meet the facility challenge to build a modern multi-purpose building.

The building was completed in 2018, and met the library requirements including adequate space, furniture and equipment necessary to efficiently operate and implement its services for the community. 
The new library was designed to be a community center, and a place for access to the world’s information resources

The facility can accommodate a modern technology and customer-focused library, consistent with the projected population growth of Asella

Reading books including grade 1-12 Academic Reference books, Medical books, General Science, Geography, Engineering, Mathematics, Accounting, Computer Books, Fictions, Autobiographies, Magazines, etc.

Wi-Fi Internet Services, Photocopying , binding services and Borrowing privileges for member.

Computer Services (Coming Soon)