To Learn, Grow, Build, Inspire

STEM will emphasize project-based learning for children Ages 4-8; 9 to 12, and 12-18.


Assela Public Library launched its first STEM Center for children and youth from around Assela on last July 2019. STEM is the short form for science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning. It is where children and youth collaborate in a fun environment to develop their skills through using technological tools and local materials to learn, create, and build to jump start their future.

Children will explore computers, electronics, robotics, programing, drawing, music, etc., to inspire them and guide them to be the next generation of artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers.

STEM will emphasize project-based learning for children Ages 4-8; 9 to 12, and 12-18. 

Students will have resources such as:

  • Books and Cultural Artifacts –History on Ethiopia, Oromo and other ethnic historical artifacts
  • Computer-Raspberry pie, coding, build robots, snap circuit, Wi-Fi internet, etc
  • Building blocks, experimental start-up tools, mathematics tools, puzzles, etc.
  • Seed Growth and Development – Food and Farming
  • Musical instruments, recording studio,
  • Smart Arts… sketching, drawing, coloring
  • Orientation in the use of modern library, and have time to read and access online materials


A lack of good education in STEM subjects is holding back African growth and depriving its youth of career opportunities. Read Article June 2018 at

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